Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sunset Over Bukit Berahu

am a sunset lover, a sunset hunter as well. Wherever I go I always find a way to enjoy sunset.

Last December, I went to Belitung. I stayed at Bukit Berahu Cottage which is the perfect place to see sunset. December is the beginning of the rainy season in Indonesia, so I expected nothing for the sunset.  Yet when I arrived in Belitung, I felt so lucky because it turned out the weather was so bright. I didn’t have any plan on the day of the arrival. I just wanted to enjoy the place. Another luck was I had a beach view room, so I can enjoy sea waves sound and sunset without walking away to the beach. 

Well enjoy the stunning sunset ...

Sunset underneath my sunglasses



  1. Penampakan paling atas lu mirip putri duyung Ri...wuandjriiiit...tembakan lu selalu bagus...sini kamera lu gue bayarin dah...

    1. Hahahaha.... saya kasih dah fotonya.. tapi bayarin saya jalan-jalan :P