Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reminiscing 2013 ~ Another year of Lesson Learn

Yeay It's my first post in 2014 .. hihihi..
In fact I still have lots of pending stories of my 2013 trips, still can we skip those for a while to reminisce?
Yes reminiscing my summary of 2013 story.
A journey is not always about a trip, right? A life itself is a journey, a life journey...

My 2013 began in the middle of forest and river. It's literally a forest in Central Kalimantan. They called it Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting I took a challenge to celebrate 2012-2013 live on board (LoB) on Sekonyer River with strangers. Yes, I called them strangers since we're just known each other at the airport (except Antho sih).. Hahaha. Well I didn't give a shit, I just though that it would give me different experiences, and I swore I would have deeply regret if I didn't do this trip. Having new year's eve in the middle of forest with zillions stars and fireflies was one of my favorite 2013. That was awesome indeed!!! 

"If you've got sound of trumpet, I've got sound of the jungle. If you've got fireworks, I've got fireflies Happy New Year".

It's just....Tanjung Puting was where the friendship began....

Bali with my senior high best friend, yet it was not like the old time. We actually wanted to spend the whole weekend in Ubud, but due to many considerations we preferred Denpasar to stay. Too short to enjoy Bali.

It was January when the news came to me. I shivered, my hand shake, and my phone was fallen right away. Nothing but the ugly truth.

Going back to hometown with my 15-years-old best friend. Dina and I inherited West Sumatera Blood, thus when we've got a chance to trip together, we chose Padang. (hahaha, it was actually because of Tiger Mandala Air Promo), and you know what, that was my first trip with Dina. Yeah 15 years, and we never had a trip before.
.Pagang Island-Padang Beach-Jam Gadang-Bukit Tinggi-Danau Maninjau-Lembah Arau-Ngarai Sianok.

Still hoping that I got an April Mop news! 

Spending 9 days in North Moluccas was cool *asseek* hahaha. I finally had 9 days trip just because I was mistaken noted the 2013 public holiday. At first I thought there was one public holiday in the second week of February, so I thought I'll only have to take my annual leave for only 4 days and have a long day trip from Ternate to Morotai. It turned out that the official 2013 Public Holiday didn't have one in February. I needed to take 5 days leave eventually, not significant differences though! Hahaha..
Dodola Island, Morotai is my SECOND LIST for Indonesia.
That was amazing to have first 5 days with 9 fun people in Ternate, Jailolo dan Kahatola. Then, I continued for 5 hours on the road to reach Tobelo, and crossed the ocean go to Morotai in the northest Halmera. Staying at homestay in Koloray Island wanted me to say I left a piece of my heart in Koloray. 

And... the heartless.....

It was family trip. We went to Tidung Island. Yeah I finally landed my feet on Taman Nasional Kepulauan Seribu for the first time.. hihihi.

When I always said "If I were not there at that time", yet there's no way to regret.

Another Singapore trip. I went back to USS just for Galactica, the roller coaster.. Hahaha.
As for me it gave me a special taste of Singapore. A beautiful Garden By The Bay.
There was always a moment when I didn't want  to go back to Jakarta, but that was different.

The old town, Ann Siang Hill and I like you!

Waisak in Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. Failed flying lanterns due to heavy rain. The rain actually made us realize that we didn't suppose to be there. That was a sacred worship. We shouldn't have to come for the sake of our ego just to see flying lanterns. Yet, sunrise at Phuntuk Setumbu didn't fail us. (^__^)

It was a time when I thought I had to go. Mission accomplished. But who would have thought if it changed 180 degree!

It was our ego that brought us to Taman Nasional Takabonerate, South Sulawasi. One night in Tinabo Island. You can read a short story Satu Malam di Tinabo.
2 hours flight to Makassar, 4 hours road trip to Tanjung Bira port, 2 hours by ferry to Selayar Island, 1 hour to Pattumbukan., 4 hours by fisherman boat to Tinabo Island, stop by in Rajuni Island. Yeah you can count by yourself how many hours to take you to Takabonerate... Hihihi
Those hours were worth the pain. Soooo beautiful islands. The third biggest atoll in the world.
However, I let through wandering and hoping in Selayar. Someday, I'll be back!

June first, I could feel it! (^_^)

Attending friend's wedding in Malang made me won't to miss seeing sunrise at Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger. It was so crowded at Bromo nowadays! Huhuhu..

Well, this month was a sad moment after all. My father got hospitalized until he passed away. The feeling when I watched The Good Doctor, and they failed to help the patient reminded me to that time. The moment when the doctor tried so hard to save my father. The moment when we had to nod our head to let the doctor release all the machine from my father body and said Innalilahi wa Innalilahi rojiun.
Rest in peace, Pah.

Not to mention the fact that I knew lately. The truth is.... so damn hurt!


Sometimes, to love is to wait by knowing when to fly solo #ihq


September the thirteen!
It's hurt and it's truly not easy, but I believed that I just need to get through all of this.

It was my NUMBER ONE list for Indonesia. Derawan, Kakaban, Maratua, Sangalaki in East Kalimantan.
Flight, continue by road trip, crossed the ocean by speedboat.
Two provinces, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan.
Sting-less jellyfish, turtle, full moon.

Als deze is beter!


The message and the call!! Damn u!

Impulsive Manila, Philippine. Sort-of a birthday trip! Another solo trip..
Unprepared journey! One night only... Hahaha
When in the middle of the night, and I still didn't know where to stay, I didn't even know where was I..
Well, I missed to eat Ballut (ieuhhh... but some says it worth to try)


Diana Ross said "Do you know where you're going to? Do like the things that life is showing you?

Well, Do you actually know the purpose of all your journeys? Me? nop, until I got through it.

There will be a time when I have to back off from this battle.

Mengalah bukan kalah. Berserah bukan menyerah. Merelakan bukan melepaskan. Ini hanya bagian dari perjuangan yang berakhir dengan mengikhlaskan ~ Fiersa Besari.

Adios 2013!!

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